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Disco & Clubs

Be It The Brash Mega-clubs Of RCA, Or A Dingy Late-night Hovel, you'll Find That, Even With Tight Closing Regulations, Bangkok Indeed Knows How To Party!

Most Venues These Days Are Both aurally And Aesthetically Sophisticated – Quality (although Not Always Adventurous) DJing Talent, Eye-catching Venue Design And Sparkling Sound Systems. Admission Is Often Free, With The Exception Of Venues Showcasing International DJs.

These May Charge Anything From 100 Baht All The Way Up To, And Occassionally In Excess Of, 1,000 Baht. Usually This Will Include One Or Two Free Drinks. Most Places Are Fairly Relaxed With mom Porn Pose No Strict Dress Codes. Some Of The Posher Establishments Though Don't Like To See Flip Flops Or Shorts, And Require ID. Make Sure You Find Out Before To Avoid Disappointment.

The Following Guide Has All You Need To Keep Abreast Of The Scenes Comings And Goings: What's On, Regular Club Nights, all The Best Clubs


One of Sukhumvit’s less well known yet more visionary clubs; Velvet ticks every box as far as theme and presentation goes, holding a fashion themed statement. Pulling up outside the entrance, you will instantly notice the individuality it holds.  The sculpt...

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