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Ladies Bars

Patpong, Nana And Soi Cowboy Are The 3 Red Light Districts In Bangkok.
What's The Difference? Nana And Soi Cowboy Are Considered The Hard Liquor Of Bangkok's Red Light Districts Where The Expats And People Who Know Where To Have A Better Time In Bangkok Hang Out.

Patpong Is Like Beer, A Decent Beer However. I'm Not Saying You Won't Have Any Fun At Patpong. All I'm Saying Is That The Feel, The Energy And The Vibe In Nana And Soi Cowboy Are Totally Different Than Patpong.

Nana And Soi Cowboy's Establishments Are Much More breitling Replica Raunchy And Caters Mainly To The Sex Tourist Crowd, So You Don't See Families And General Vacationers Wandering Around Dropping Their Jaws At Bikini Clad Beauties Gyrating Around A Pole On Stage.


The Lollipop A-Gogo Bar in Nana Bangkok is one of the well known medium sized Gogo-Bars in this area, but not one of the best. They will have around 10 girls on the stage and change the shift every 10 to 20 minutes. Around the stage you have 2 rows of seats, but even ...

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Mercury A Go Go

Mercury a Go Go bar can be found on the first floor up of Nana Plaza, at the top of the escalators (next to Mandarin). A very intimate and cosy bar, the central stage hosts up to 20 gogo dancers, with a further 2 girls usually found performing in the small Jacuzzi to ...

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Playschool Agogo is located on the ground floor of Nana. I was a bit eraly in but it used to have much more girls. One shift had 3 to 4 dancers while it used to be 8 to 10 dancers a shift. sound system and DJ are in good state. Revisit soon to see if the lack of girls...

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Rainbow 2

Rainbow 2 can be called the flagship bar of the Rainbow group of bars. It obviously came later than Rainbow 1, but the new bar was bigger and had a lot of girls right from the beginning.

The bar is located in the far right corner o...

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Shark Bar has a reputation for employing the most attractive girls in Soi Cowboy. And they do deserve it.

Though I've only bar fined a few girls from Shark Bar I must say they have the best attitudes and very fun to be with whether...

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Yes, the theme of Spanky’s a Go Go, is spanking itself and it’s a hard bar to miss, lit up by lots of bright images of female figures partaking in some naughty bottom smacking, on the first floor (or second floor to Us citizens) of the Nana Plaza. Inside y...

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The Strip A Go Go

The Strip a Go Go is set on Patpong soi 2, next to BarBar fetish club, The Strip is a fun and imaginative gogo bar with some interesting features. It might not look too different from rival gogo bars in Patpong, and grabbing a glimpse through the curtains as you pass ...

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Wild Thing

Wild Thing has the most beautiful selection of hostesses to entertain you well in to the night. Come have a look you will not be disappointed!


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