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Bangkok has a tropical wet and dry climate under the Köppen climate classification system.

Average temperatures in the city are about 2 °C (3.6 °F) higher than the ones shown for the Don Mueang Airport during the 1960-1990 period.

The highest recorded maximum temperature is 40.8 °C (105.4 °F) in May 1983 and the lowest recorded minimum temperature is 9.9 °C (49.8 °F) in January 1955.

The coldest temperatures were recorded in January 1924, January 1955, January 1974 and December 1999.

The hottest year on record was 1997 (average yearly at Don Muang 30.0C) and the coldest was 1975 (average yearly at Don Muang 26.3C).

The coldest daytime maximum temperature was 19.9 °C (68 °F), recorded in December 1992.

Hailstorms are virtually unheard of in the city, with only one having been recorded in the past fifty years.


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