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Street Food

Foodies Around The World Talk About Bangkok’s Street Food Culture, And Rightly So. Every Resident Has A Favorite Stall And A Favorite Dish, And Many An Argument Has Started Over A Conversation About Who Has The Best Sauce, The Tastiest Noodles, The Finest Broth Or The Most Delicious Roast Beast.

But While There Are Plenty Of Stalls On Plenty Of Streets, There Are Only A Few Really Standout Neighborhoods With A Sparkling Collection Of Sois And Alleys Full Of Different Eating Options. You Can Find The Most Famous Strret Food In This Page.

Jay Fai

Jay Fai is a street-side restaurant in Bangkok and a nickname of its eponymous owner, whose real name is Supinya Junsuta. The restaurant mainly serves wok-cooked seafood dishes, and is hig...

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Khao San Road

Hear us out on this one. This beastly, infamous tangle of roads, sois and alleys populated with a startling variety of examples of the human race is also one of the best places to tuck in.

True, much of it is watered-down to appeal to the widest variety of palettes, but if it’s vari...

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Silom – Soi Convent And Soi 20

Silom is the central business district of Bangkok, and the only reason that’s important is because that means a lot of people; and in Thailand that translates into a lot of food!

Beginning at Sala Daeng, a walk down Silom through Soi Convent and beyond will entice and supply fulfill...

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Sukhumvit Soi 38

Sukhumvit Soi 38 offers a great initiation into Thai street food. Located only a few steps from the BTS at Thong Lor, it is a real contrast with the smarter restaurants that line Sukhumvit Road.v replica watches Here you will eat on the street at a wobbly metal table with cars dodging the carts a...

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Tha Phra Chang Pier

If there’s one food rule in Thailand, it’s that the area surrounding any university will be a gastronomic gold mine.

This little cluster of sois and restaurants on the river at the end of Phra Chan Road and beside Thammasat University is more than enough proof.

Out fro...

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Victory Monument

Around this monument to a brief 1941 scuffle between Thai and French forces in Indo-China lies a maze of side-streets and alleys crammed with all kinds of food.

One particularly good stop, just northeast of the monument at the end ...

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Yaowarat (Chinatown)

There’s a form of natural-selection that takes place in Yaowarat; The mediocre are weeded out and ONLY the best street food survives.

There’s no denying that Bangkok’s famed Chinatown, known as Yaowarat, offers so...

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