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Restaurants by Type of Place

Whether you want diner with amazing views of the city, test a new impressive restaurant or as a couple in a romantic restaurant, you will find again in Bangkok your happiness.


2022 New Restaurants

This year's new top restaurant openings in Bangkok…

Top Restaurants

Bangkok’s dining scene has had an especially busy year and a half, with new trends and new restaurants popping up across the city. From five-star French chefs going bistro to Thai entrepreneurs presenting lesser-known recipes straight out of the history books, here are nine top Bangkok restaurants that are adding even more spice to the Thai capital.

Lunch & Dining

If you do not want to eat lunch in one of the large restaurant chains present in the commercial center, as in many world capitals, diner restaurants Bangkok are the best known but there are still many restaurants open for lunch and presents some interest.

Rooftop Restaurants

If you've got to wine and dine a difficult-to-please guest, pop the question or seal a business deal, there's no better place to head than Bangkok's al-fresco rooftop bars and restaurants. (Just make sure they're not afraid of heights.) Bangkok's hotels take the lead when it comes to offering sky-high quality, ambiance and views. With the exception of one, all the venues on our list of Bangkok's best alfresco rooftop bars and restaurants are hotel bound.


Dining with a view

Few independent Bangkok restaurants impress when it comes to great views with great food to match. The legendary Long Table immediately comes to mind. Otherwise, it's the city's hotels that take the lead to offer sky-high quality, ambiance and views.


Romantic Restaurants

Sorry gentlemen. Wining and dining your loved one on Valentine’s Day is one of those things in life you have to do -- whether you like it or not. To make the event a less painful affair, here’s a list of some of the most romantic restaurants in Bangkok, from the most exclusive and pricey to the pocket-friendly and quaint.

Lounge Restaurants & Bars

A cozy atmosphere, background music, good wine and food, it is the perfect ingredients for an early evening quiet away from the noise of Bangkok. There in the Thai capital of many restaurants and lounge bars you will find a small list below.


Cake Shops & Tea Rooms

Bangkok has a very sweet tooth, so it isn’t surprising that there are so many fantastic places for dessert around the city. It’s been a hard few months, and despite the potential health risks we kept going, working our way through plenty of sweet treats to come up with this list, and making sure there is something for everyone: fun, sophistication, and even a few unusual choices.