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Bangkok's Performing Arts Scene May Not Throb Like In Other Cities, But Look Under The Surface And You'll Find It There, Beating To Its Own Rhythm. No, There Aren't Many Plays, Stage Shows Or Performance Pieces Being Staged, And Sometimes It's As If Mainstream Pop And Rock Acts Are The Only Things That Captivate The Masses.

Still, Fans Of The Performing Arts Can Find Diamonds And Everybody Will Appreciate The Low Ticket Prices.

Aksara Theatre

The Bangkok Traditional Puppet Show at Aksra Theatre is one of Bangkok’s must-see attractions. Taking place on an elaborate stage, folk tales are told through the classic art of puppetry. Rather than being hidden away, the puppeteers are very much part of the show. Three puppeteers control ...

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Joe Louis Theater

Traditional Thai Puppet Theater or "Joe Louis Theater" is a puppet performance that you cannot see elsewhere in the world but Thailand. During performance, you will see the puppeteers will not stay behind the scene but be part of the scene as well. Traditional puppets give performances of the Ram...

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Patravadi Theater

Established in 1992 by Patravadi Mejudhon, an award-winning actress, stage director and playwright, the Patravadi Theatre complex is both an incubation centre for aspiring performing artists and a stage for enjoying Thai classical and modern dances. A visionary and an...

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Siam Niramit

With its rich history that reads like an epic novel, Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing Asian nations, replete with over 700 years of captivating culture, customs and traditions. But just how Thailand's spawning seven centuries are brilliantly captured into a 90-minute production,...

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