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One Dish One Place

There In A Plethora Of Restaurants, Canteens, Food Market Or Food Court In Bangkok And It Is Impossible To Make A Complete List.

In This City You Will Find Any Kind Of Nouriture But It Is Clear That The Most Interesting Is To Test The Real Thai Food In Places Or Eats Thai Themselves And Not In A Luxury Hotel Or A Restaurant Sanitized.

On This Page You Will Find A List Of Dishes Associated With Small Street Restaurants Where You Can Taste The Food Eaten As Thais.

Char Siew Bun @ 12 Yong Sheng

As you walked down Thanon Mahannop, you will reach 12 Yong Sheng which sells handmade steamed buns.

Char Siew Bun, Meat Bun  or Custard Bun, the 3 buns are really fluffy and they only cost 54 baht in total.


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Fish Maw Soup @ Mit Pochana

If you are bored of the usual international breakfast in the hotel, head to a stall near City Hall which sells Fish Maw Soup for breakfast!

The stall name “Mit Pochana” means “where friends gather”. The chicken soup is boiled for long hours and her...

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Kway Chap @ Ratchadamri

So if you visiting Baan Silapin Artist’s House, you will find a noodle shop which sells very yummy Thai Kway Chap.

This is very different from Singapore’s version of Kway Chap.Their noodles are different, and the pig’s innards are all mixed with the noodles, together wit...

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Mango Sticky Rice @ Sukhumvit Soi 38

In sukhumvit soi 38, just opposite the wanton noodle stall, there is a mango stall owned by two sisters.

Their mango sticky rice is super good and my tour guide was telling us that this is one of the best mango sticky rice he had in Bangkok. Indeed, the mangoes were really sweet! If you a...

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Pad Thai @ Thip Samai Restaurant

It was during the period when Field Marshal P.Pibulsongkram was Thailand’s prime minister. During World War II, he was campaigning for Thai people to “enjoy Thai food, use Thai products”. So Pad Thai was invented using local raw materials and eventually became a national Thai di...

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Papaya Salad @ Somtam Nua

As recommended by many foodies, we had dinner at Somtam Nua after a shiok massage at Lek (Siam Square Soi 6). Somtam serves good isaan food, which is the northeastern region of Thailand. Isaan cuisine borrows heavily from Lao cuisine and is distinctly different from central Thai cooking.


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Pork Stew @ Tee Yen-Ta-4

Right outside Thai Samai Restaurant, along the streets of Samran Rat, you will see a street stall “Tee Yen-Ta-4″ that sells very good yong tau foo and pork stew...

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Roast Duck @ Tian Song Paed Yang

Right opposite City Hall, there is a row of shops that sell roast duck. But the famous one is called “Tian Song Paed Yang”. It has been here for 65 years!

Very old school interior, the largest roast duck stall in the area.

The Thai Satay (50 baht) is v...

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Salt Grilled Fish @ Near Platinum Shopping

Between Central World and Platinum Shopping Mall, there is a row of street stalls that sells cze char and famous for their Grilled Fish with Salt. We walked past this street for several days and decided to settle for this particular stall. You can recognise it by look...

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