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Restaurants by Type of Cuisine

Whatever type of food you like, whatever your favorit dish you can find it in Bangkok.
Whether you want to eat traditional Thai, Thai Fusion Food, French, Italian, Oriental, Indian ... you will find in this wonderful city and your happiness at almost any time of day or night and whatever your budget.

Traditional Thai Food


These tried-and-true Bangkok restaurants offer visitors classic Thai cuisine, an easy, upscale dining experience, and beautiful traditional décor. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience with Thai food, you’ll find plenty of familiar dishes, and you won’t be too overwhelmed by the spices as most of these restaurants prepare their food specifically for foreigner palates.

Thai Fusion Food

Fusion food is a general term for the combination of various forms of cookery and comes in several forms, the Thai Fusion Food combines elements from Thai traditional cuisine with an Europeans influence.


French Restaurants

There are many French restaurants in Bangkok, some quite expensive or very expensive but also some restaurants or pourez discover French cuisine for a little more affordable budget.

Italian Food

Almost everyone knows Italian cuisine, pizzas, pasta ... There are many Italian restaurants in Bangkok in cheap General (pizza and pasta around 350-400 THB) but some a little more upscale.

Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean cuisine as its name indicates normally encompasses all cuisines around the Mediterranean Sea. However, we present here only the cuisines of southern Europe such as Greece, Spain, Portugal... the others are already developed in other sections.


European Restaurant

We have created the Western Food section, cuisines that can be found in northern Europe (England, Germany, Scandinavia ...).


Western Restaurant

American, Australian, Bugers, Steak house, Mexican and restaurants it is difficult to classify as their influences are varied.

Asian & Japanese Restaurant

Asian cuisine in general and Japan in particular having great booms from a Decennia, and many of these cuisines mix of inspirations from many countries.

Indian & Arabic Food

This section contains Restaurants from india as well as Arabic countries.

Vegan Restaurants

Calling veganism a trend is so last year. It’s now a legit lifestyle option, thanks to advocates who relentlessly point out that a meat-free, plant-based diet is beneficial, not just to one's health but to the environment as well. (Did you know that animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions or that the leading cause of rainforest destruction are livestock and feed crops?*) So it’s a good sign that we’re seeing more plant-based establishments cropping up in the city.

Seafood Restaurants

The seafood restaurants are not only popular on the tropical islands of Thailand, you can also find many in the capital. For a relatively affordable price (compared to Europe) you can eat lobster, prawn, crab... and enjoy the flavors of the warm sea of Thailand.

Tapas & Wine Bars

For lovers of fine wines and appetizers that linger a bit long, Bangkok also offers many Tapas Restaurant and Wine Bars.