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Blue Velvet

Thai Fusion - $$$

Chalk up another hit for Thonglor. Blue Velvet is the latest fine addition to the trendy Bangkok neighborhood’s never-ending list of partying venues. But to call it “another new club” would be grossly understating its appeal.

Blue Velvet is best described as a dungeon, its decor sucked right out of Europe’s medieval period. I actually thought of Count Dracula’s castle when I first walked into the place, with its brick-covered walls, dazzling chandeliers and plush furnishings.

If you get to Blue Velvet before 10pm you can sample their menu of fusion food (Thai Replica Rolex Watches, Western and some Japanese), with dishes at surprisingly decent prices for the area. We recommend their spaghetti larb calamari, a step up from the ubiquitous spaghetti phad kee mao.

In terms of drinks Blue Velvet offers the standard liquor menu with lots of wine, bottled beer and some whiskeys and spirits. Do try out their wide range of cocktails, though lightweights may want to exercise a bit of restraint as Blue Velvet is really serious about serving strong drinks. Which is a good thing in a city filled with watered down junk. They have their own cocktail variations too such as the Bloody Rikki in addition to the usual favorites.

Friday and Saturday nights are obviously the busiest, when the crowd moves up to the second floor and the DJ spins everything from funk and soul to house.

If you plan to head there on a week day when the crowds are thin, bring your loved one and a good camera. The place is perfect for photographs. In fact, I'm willing to bet it will be frequently used as a shooting location for fashion magazines/commercials/TV shows in the months to come, so check it out now before the masses catch on to its dungeon chic charms.

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Getting There:

by taxi or by BTS Skytrain sukhumvit line until Thong Lo Station


Thonglor soi 5,
Sukhumvit 55.
Tel: +66 (0)2 392 1769

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