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Thai Fusion - $$$

Short for ‘Small Dinner Club,’ SDC opened quietly february 2022 within Charoen 43. Specialising in “Thai cuisine, pulled apart, questioned, and reimagined,” the curious hidden restaurant is helmed by Chef Sareen Rojanamatin of Nora Melbourne, who is marking his return to Bangkok with this opening.

Currently serving a 10-12 course menu, the dishes aim to marry unfamiliar Thai ingredients with progressive techniques, for an experience that is designed to stimulate the mind as much as the taste buds.

In an intimate, almost secretive ambience, diners will get to enjoy the charmingly-named creations, such as the ‘What Goes Up Must Come Down,’ ‘Sorry For Being Crabby,’ ‘Daft Punk Is Playing In My Mouth,’ amongst many more.

We’re yet to visit ourselves, but if the foodie insider hype around it can be trusted, it’s certainly one to watch.

Open for Dinner Thursday - Sunday

Getting There:

by Taxi only


1109 Charoen Krung Rd.,
Bangkok 11500

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