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Somtum Der

Thai - $$

This is the least fancy place on this list of bistros and chic standalones.

But Somtum Der offers a rare combination: accessible, authentic northeastern Thai (Isaan) food at affordable prices, served with a bit of atmosphere.

The recipes are inspired by the fiery, less-sweet palate of Khon Khaen province, where the owners even spent a few weeks selling their wares at a local market as a test run with the public.

There’s no lack of “scary” Michael Kors Outlet condiments and ingredients, chiefly pla ra (pungent fermented fish). But it’s pasteurized here for tourist stomachs, so don\'t be afraid of dishes like the traditional somtum pla ra (papaya salad) and lesser-known tum sua (papaya salad with vermicelli noodles).

If you’re still not convinced, there’s perfectly deep-fried gai thod (fried chicken), meaty and herbal tom saep (soup with young pork bones) and the hard-to-find tum pla too khao man (papaya salad with mackerel served with coconut-sweetened rice).

Getting There:

by taxi or more easy to go there by BST Skytrain Silom line exit Sala Deng or by MRT Subway exit Silom (then walk 2 min in soi Sala Deng)


5/5 Soi Sala Daeng,
Silom Road,
Tel: +66 (0)2 632 4499

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