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Price Naris Day

Type of Event : Thai Festivals          Place : Baan Plainoen

Descendants of King Rama V’s bro-ther Prince Naris – artist, architect and designer – commemorate his birth in 1863 by opening his traditional house for an afternoon of classical Thai dance followed by a free open day.

To mark the birthday anniversary of HRH Prince Narisaranuvattiwongse's birth ( April 28), the prince's grandson MR Chakrarot Chitrabongs, former permanent secretary for culture and former president of the Siam Society, will deliver a lecture at the Siam Society, Asok Road, today at 7.30pm, on the life of Prince Naris, his self-acquired skills in all areas of the arts and his masterful achievementsthat had earned for him the title of ''The Great Craftsman of Siam''.

The ordination hall of Wat Rachathiwat, one of the designs by Prince Naris.

Some of the prince's newly-found works will be shown. The prince's descendants in the Chitrabongs family are preparing to publish a book of his works and private collection that have never been revealed. These are preliminary design studies, drawings and sketches that are mostly pencil drawings, which have accumulated in his private residence, known as Ban Plainern, for more than half a century. Prince Naris was a son of King Rama IV and was a celebratedartist-designer during the reigns of kings Rama V-VIII. 

Dates :

28-04-2015 to 29-04-2015

Every years on 28th-29th of april

Place(s) :

Baan Plainoen

Address :

Baan Plainoen
Thanon Rama IV


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