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One Dish One Place

There In A Plethora Of Restaurants, Canteens, Food Market Or Food Court In Bangkok And It Is Impossible To Make A Complete List.

In This City You Will Find Any Kind Of Nouriture But It Is Clear That The Most Interesting Is To Test The Real Thai Food In Places Or Eats Thai Themselves And Not In A Luxury Hotel Or A Restaurant Sanitized.

On This Page You Will Find A List Of Dishes Associated With Small Street Restaurants Where You Can Taste The Food Eaten As Thais.

Thai Curry @ Chek Pui Restaurant

While the quality and taste of the food is obviously a fundamental part of any dining establishment, it’s also the ambiance that plays a part in the excitement of eating.

When a street food stall has both outstanding food and...

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Tom Yam Kung @ P’Aor Restaurant

Petchaburi Soi 5 is one of the best Bangkok street food streets.

Each day and even more so in the evening, you’ll find a bedazzling amount of restaurants and Thai street food carts serving delicious and ready to be devoured cuisine.

And among the mess of culinary delights, t...

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Wanton Noodles

Its really a simple dish but the taste is just overwhelming, really flavourful. I believe the trick to this is the fried crispy pork lard. The taste is different from the Singapore version. With pork lard added, it’s either you like it or you don’t like it...

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