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Amulet Market

Catholics with their parade of saints and protective medals will recognise a great kinship with this streetside amulet market. Ranging from pendant-sized to medallion-sized, prá krêu·ang (amulets) come in various classes, from rare objects or relics (like tusks, antlers or the dentures of abbots) to images of Buddha or famous monks embossed in bronze, wood or clay. Itinerant dealers spread their wares on blankets along the broken pavement across from the temple, and more-­permanent shops proliferate in the sunless alleyways along the river. Taxi drivers, monks and average folk squat alongside the displays inspecting novel pieces like practised jewellers. Mixed in with certain amulets are pulverised substances: dirt from a special temple, hair from a monk or powerful herbs. When the serious collectors aren’t perusing the market, they are flipping through amulet magazines that discuss noteworthy specimens. While money changes hands between vendor and customer, both use the euphemism of ‘renting’ to get around the prohibition of selling Buddhas.

Open: Daily from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

Getting There:

by Taxi or Tuk Tuk
by bus (air-con) 503, 508 & 511, (ordinary) 15 & 53
by boat Tha Chang (N9)


Trok Sanamphra,
Phra Nakhon,
Bangkok 10200, Thaïlande ‎

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