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Victory Monument

Constructed in 1941 by military dictator Plaek Pibulsongkhram to commemorate the 59 Thais who lost their lives in the short and inconclusive French Indochina War. However, Pibulsongkhram was kicked out in 1944 and the patch of land gained by the Thais was handed back to Laos and Cambodia in 1945, making the "victory" a little hollow, and these days this spiky Bangkok landmark is now better known as Bangkok's largest local bus hub.

If traveling north by Skytrain, you'll be treated to a 180-degree curving panorama of the monument, and this is the best view you can get as actually reaching the base of the monument would require passing through a triple-laned traffic circle maelstrom of buses.

Getting There:

by BTS Skytrain until Victory Monument Station

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