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Sushi Misaki

Japanese - $$$$

If you don’t pay enough attention, you’ll walk straight past the wooden facade without noticing it hides a Japanese restaurant.

Sushi Misaki is equally minimal inside, with only one sushi counter and 10 attached seats. Behind the counter, Shizuoka-born chef Masahiro Misaki (formerly of Nippon Tei) serves an omakase (chef’s selection) meal of about 20 items, including appetizers, 12 nigiri sushi selections, a sushi roll, tamago, miso soup and a dessert.

The chef makes his sushi edomae style, meaning the fish has been through a process of aging, curing or fermenting before being put together with either of white- or red-vinegar sushi rice.

Expect both seasonal fish and classic offerings like fresh Ishigeki clam, plum vinegar-marinated iwashi (sardine), melt-in-your-mouth otoro (fatty tuna) served on flavorful red sushi rice, as well as the chef's signature toro-taku (chopped tuna and pickled radish) roll.

You'll then cleanse your palate with the custard pudding-like sweet tamago, which is crisp like a brulee crisp on top, and end the meal with mizu shingen mochi (water mochi).

Two seatings per day at B4,000 per person.

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Getting There:

Take BTS Skytrain until Thonglor or Phrom Phong station then walk 5 min on sukhumvit to Rain Hill mall


Sushi Misaki, G/F, Rain Hill, 
Sukhumvit Rd.,
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: 02-258-178

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